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About the teargas, I don’t know if anyone already said it, but in Brazil we were putting vinegar on tissues and breathing on it (ppl started getting stopped/arrested for carrying vinegar), it kinda cuts the effect of the teargas, how it burns the throat and doesn’t allow you to breath. ive seen ppl saying about the don’t rub your eyes part, that’s really important too.

i used to put it in a tissue on my wrist so they wouldn’t stop me for being with my face covered, cause they do it here, i don’t know if they’re doing in ferguson

This helps a lot. Also, when the teargas would hit us in Pakistan, we’d avoid vaseline, mineral oil, oil-based sunscreen or moisturizers on our skin because it only worsened the burning/irritation. Don’t use those. Do not swallow the phlegm/mucus, if you feel any. Blow it out/cough it out. Don’t let it stay in. Do not rub your skin.

I’m also seeing people out in beaters/less-covering and I completely understand that August is not a month where we’d like to cover ourselves with clothes but in this situation under armed warfare, please wear jackets when you’re out. The chemical doesn’t cling on your skin then and will stick to the fabric. Focus on breathing, like everyone says, stay calm. Inhale, exhale.

Smear lime juice on the scarf covering your nose and mouth. You’ll breathe better when hit. Or smash charcoal and dip your bandana/scarf in water and rub the charcoal over it. Cover your mouth/nose with this. Do not wash your face with water. It increases the effect of the tear gas.

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